Tuesday, April 14, 2009

let's quit!!!

Everything getting mess..especially our schedule..damn tired to go straight hard working.i'm just fine for a while around middle and end of this month..maybe not at all for next and next month..gosh!!sick off.un-focus by the way..how did i'm get here?how can i decide this thing,sounds like it's complicated to discribe it more and more.

almost 10 month with this job,sometimes it's fun with my-showroom-mate.sometimes it's giving nothing.the point is there was some reason for this 1st job after graduate.Just for my experience.Begin with the 1st conclusion to another their still didn't get it..that's conclusively.

yesterday .got a dejected news and probably have something did i can't tell here..simple...i want a new job for exit of disaster business....hahaaa!!make this life more nice than before.

1 comment:

Taiko said...

Hope you get better job after this..
Good luck